Built for 21st Century Transportation technology executives and leaders

NueGOV is a dream-come-true software platform that is a fraction of the cost. NueGOV brings information into one easy-to-use place to implement business processes that help agencies like yours save money and time.

  • Custom, transportation-specific asset templates 
  • Map, assess and share asset information 
  • Digitized inter-agency review and approval processes 
  • Open API for Internet of Things (IoT) vendors
  • Real-time Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) data
  • Asset lifecycle and condition tracking 
  • Public and private sector collaboration and data sharing
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Transportation agencies oversee a complex ecosystem of:

  • Physical assets
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Real-time operations
  • Multiple departments
  • Other local, regional and federal agencies
  • Contractors, consultants and vendors.

Data silos and minimal digitized end-to-end processes result in a lack of quick holistic insights, slower decision making, inefficient use of resources like time and money, a lack of transparency, and an inability to solve problems. 

NueGOV offers a cost-effective software solution that solves these problems.

Through nearly 20 years of transportation consulting and watching agencies struggle with data silos, NueGOV platform was born.

Work Zone Tracking for Safety

  • Comply with U.S. DOT WZDx standards
  • Share data with third-party providers like Waze
  • Track work zones and associated lane closures on an interactive Google map
  • Automate work zone status and worker presence to improve safety
  • Track equipment to easily manage contractors
  • Store work zone contact information in one place
  • Use geofence and route-based notifications
  • Integrate real-time data from cameras, DMS and Google Traffic
  • Full integration with iCone products, Bosch AI cameras, and more
  • Have cities and counties participate with work zone information
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  • See all assets and inventory in one place
  • Track asset condition to know which assets need immediate attention
  • Track life cycle so you can plan replacement
  • Forecast budget based on condition or life cycle
  • Asset images to avoid trip to the field
  • Visualize all your data in interactive dashboards
  • View assets on an interactive Google map instead of a cumbersome GIS
  • Integrate asset alarms to generate uptime, MTBF and more
  • Integrate to existing asset management and ERP systems


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  • Manage agencies and associated responders in one place
  • Easily schedule meetings and AARs by teams, roles and more
  • Assign and track action items with reminders
  • Track attendance to build engagement
  • Have historical record meetings and AARs with document and pictures
  • Visualize all team data in interactive dashboards
  • Access field asset contact information
  • Receive geofence and route-based notifications
  • Integrate real-time data from cameras, DMS and Google Traffic


  • See all assets and infrastructure in one place
  • Get live mobile asset data in real time
  • Integrate multi-modal data to see modal gaps and redundancies
  • Integrate electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Get answers immediately without relying on staff
  • Understand budget needs based on real data
  • View everything on an interactive Google map instead of GIS
  • Visualize all your data in interactive dashboards
  • Integrate to other systems and agencies using APIs
Graphic showing how NueGOV manages data across Colorado by the numbers

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