By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to lose personal connections or face-to-face interactions to get the benefits a software platform has to offer. When done right, software actually maximizes communication and collaboration within your agency, and you can still rely on valuable face-to-face interactions.


Quality software should make communication more efficient, not non-existent. For example, our Traffic Incident Management software, TIMTeamsGOV, is designed to simply organize and maximize the utility of first responder group meetings. It ensures records are kept of key conversations and After-Action Reports (AARs), while also making it more convenient for responders to join in their busy schedule. Additionally, our asset management platform, AssetGOV ensures that collected data is easily available and visible for all users, minimizing the need for a special report when asset information is needed. It is not eliminating the communication, but rather streamlining it.

Team collaborating on a project with AssetGOVCollaboration

Data sharing between jurisdictions sounds like a dream, but it’s impossible using legacy systems and spreadsheets. Software platforms like ours are designed for that future, and agencies actually have a lot to gain from it. Imagine having access to neighboring agency data to solve traffic flow concerns near your agency’s borders. This kind of openness improves inter-jurisdictional relationships and improves the customer experience, whether they are a motorist, pedestrian or bicyclist. Additionally, when done right, this doesn’t mean other agencies have unfettered access to see and edit your data, but rather controlled access to only see what is necessary without editing capabilities.

Face-to-face Training

Software can be nerve-wracking because it’s new and unknown. Although we designed our software to be as user-friendly as Facebook or Google, we know a new program can still be intimidating when the stakes are high. Because of this, we offer face-to-face training for all our clients. We firmly believe that software does not have to mean a loss of quality in-person interactions.

Overall, software can only improve your organization’s communication and you won’t need to learn it alone. Our experts and client support will be with you through the entire process.