By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

Have you ever heard of hot button technology? Now is the time to learn about it and start asking about this feature when you’re looking for software. It’s a feature that can speed up several processes and increase convenience for users.

hot_button_example_920x611What is a hot button?

It’s a simple one-click feature that allows users to change the status of a task or log an exact time. With it, a user would simply sign into the software and touch the designated button to indicate a task has been started or completed. For example, in our software, NueGOV, we have hot button technology correlating with work zones to determine actual (not estimated) start and end active work times.

What are the benefits?

Depending on where and how the hot button is utilized, it can have a variety of far-reaching benefits. As we mentioned, in our software the button gives us exact work zone start and end times when used; this is helpful because with a record of actual work times, users can better plan for future work zone action times and notice any consistent problems with the estimated active work zone timing. Not only is data created and stored from that button usage, but it can be reviewed and analyzed later. Additionally, the one-click technology makes it more convenient for users, thus increasing their chances of using it accurately for better data.

How else can hot button technology be used?

There are endless possibilities for hot buttons, but a few transportation agency-specific solutions include

  • employee or contractor clock-in/clock-outs,
  • work zone active work start and end times, and
  • maintenance ticket completion.

If you are interested in testing hot button technology or seeing how we use it here at Navjoy, email us at or visit our NueGOV software page.