By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

Broken Wrong Way SignAlthough asset maintenance isn’t as glamorous as investing in new infrastructure, it is the base for your organization’s success. In the transportation industry, we have an obligation to keep the traveling population as safe as possible, and we often rely on assets to provide that safety assurance. Yet, as an industry, we often struggle to justify routine asset maintenance. Your assets are vital to your agency’s success and there are several reasons to treat them as such.

1. Maximize safety. The safety of the public should be every agency’s number one priority, and your assets, like traffic signs and traffic lights, maximize that safety. Something as simple as a graffiti-coated stop sign could cause an otherwise preventable accident. The public relies on traffic assets to guide them, from signs to traffic sensors. If you have missing or damaged assets, the public is much more vulnerable to damaging car crashes.

Rusted Traffic Signal Pole 2. Create continuity and reliability. Many of your assets are interconnected and when one is failing, it usually impacts the effectiveness of other assets. For example, if one traffic light falls fails, that negatively impacts every traffic light in the vicinity. Usually, the failure of one asset indirectly results in the failure of many.

3. Budget better. Regular asset maintenance will help your agency use its budget more strategically. Rather than replacing an asset when it is beyond repair, which is unplanned spending, you can plan regular asset repair. In addition to better planning, proper maintenance extends the asset’s lifecycle, and repairs are usually far cheaper than replacements.

4. Nurture public perception. Assets are a physical representation of your presence to the public. When assets are old or in poor condition, it projects a poor image of your agency. You may receive more complaints and eventually create a bad reputation in the community that is difficult to mend.

Knocked Down Stop Sign5. Knowledge is power. If you have a software platform that stores all asset information, you have an accessible record of needed/scheduled maintenance and can properly determine the asset’s lifecycle and overall cost value to the organization. Tracking assets ensures a holistic view of your organization and will simplify everything from budgeting to applying for grants.

Proper and timely asset maintenance is nearly impossible with the age-old paper-to-spreadsheet or legacy system tracking. Click here to learn about our platform, which guarantees you can improve your agency with all needed data available at your fingertips.