By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

Data is only as good as its scope. If you aren't collecting all the available information, you aren't seeing the whole picture. You also miss a lot by collecting data and storing it in unconnected systems. Investing in a software that can combine numbers from various systems in different formats sets your organization up for achieving measurable success.

Real Time Data and Transportation

1. Operate in real time

In the transportation, traffic, and infrastructure spheres, timing is everything. Using real-time data that can then notify traffic managers of an incident or irregularity will improve response time and processes. The speed increases the situational awareness among operators, responders and the community.

Abstract Chart Showing a rise in data and growth2. Quantify success

It’s difficult to achieve an abstract version of success. Rather, you can better assess the effectiveness of investments and solutions by exploring a comprehensive data set. For example, if you purchase and set up technology (like sensors and blank-out signs) to detect and minimize wrong-way driving accidents, the statistics from before and after installation will put a number to your success. With this, you can set concrete, achievable goals for your organization.

Business women on a laptop sharing real time data3. Maximize opportunities

When your data is not limited by a system or view set, there are suddenly more ways to see, and solve, problems in a more innovative way. It allows analysts to explore diverse avenues to determine the solution that will give the best possible outcome. As a result, you always maximize efficiencies and foster innovative problem-solving.

Business men reviewing data collected4. Create stability

If you can identify common problems or problem areas in the data, then you can fix it. Then, the more trends you identify, the easier it becomes to proactively address common problems. Additionally, the proactive regulation can help establish quality standards and best practices. More rules will create a sense of security and stability within your organization and city infrastructure.

Collecting data and the money stacking up5. Justify resource allocation

Often, those in the transportation industry have to fight for every penny in their budget. Data establishes automatic support for investments; you can use numbers to demonstrate the cost is worthwhile. It’s as simple as that. Additionally, you can refer back to that data later and quantify the success of the investment.

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