By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

When CDOT Region 4 would conduct a nighttime inspection of light poles with appropriate maintenance, it would take more than 5 weeks to complete; we lowered that time to approximately 1.2 weeks and simplified the maintenance process. We accomplished this with our unique software platform, NueGOV, and cutting-edge expertise. Completion time was reduced in all three key areas of the project: generating data, tracking assets in the field for maintenance, and checking work. 



Generating Data 

Original process: Approximately 2 weeks 

A manager would pull the data from CDOT’s nighttime inspection app in the form of a spreadsheet which included statewide data, so it needed to be filtered and separated down to Region 4 before it could be sent to the contractor. This process could take two weeks or more. Location of a defective pole was listed only in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates; this slowed down the process since they had to search the coordinates for each individual defective pole. 


Navjoy innovations: Less than 1 day 

As a technology focused company, we provide both the expertise and the software to quicken this process. We filter, sort and upload the data into our software, which takes less than a day. Our interactive map view allows users to see exactly where problems are reported, rather than individually mapping every set of coordinates. 


AdobeStock_132026785_553x369Tracking assets in the field

Original process: Approximately 2 weeks 

The contractor would pass on the spreadsheet of work order information to the maintenance crew, who would take the coordinates for each request and plot it out on a map to determine most efficient route for repairs. Occasionally, there was a coordinate that had multiple light poles in the immediate area with no way to determine which was in need of attention. To ensure they addressed the right one, they would troubleshoot all nearby poles to find the one referenced in the work order. 


Navjoy innovations: Real time 

Although the actual maintenance time will not be affected by software, the NueGOV platform greatly simplifies the preparation and improves efficiency in the field. The interactive map eliminates the plotting step and unnecessary troubleshooting of working poles by giving the crews a clearer picture of which pole in the area was likely reported. This will allow crews to complete more maintenance tasks during field time and contractors and other staff to spend more time in the field because they won’t have the initial prep work to worry about. Simplifying this process maximized efficiency and team-to-team communication.

nuegov_tablet_tickets_210331aReviewing work 

Original process: Approximately 1 week 

There was no way for Region 4 to verify the work was completed by the contractor and maintenance crew without sending out its own crews to double check the light poles were fixed as the contractor claimed, which takes time and is more data to process. There was also no way to monitor times and dates of work, thus relying on blind trust that the contractor charged the appropriate number of hours for the work.


Navjoy innovations: 1 day 

When billing time comes around, Region 4 can check NueGOV to ensure that all reported pole ticket statuses have been “closed” meaning that they are fixed. Additionally, there is a time stamp for each update, which allows for more time estimation and tracking, giving CDOT more budget-spending awareness and contesting powers, if necessary. 


This process can be replicated and applied to other regions and other asset types. If you are interested in seeing how much time we can save you, email us at