By Navjoy

emily_gerson_492x400This month, Navjoy would like to recognize Emily Gerson as the Notable NAVigator. Emily is the content marketing specialist at the company and is the driving force behind all the content you see on the website and social channels.

“Emily has been instrumental in developing content for the website and blogs regarding our services and NueGOV platform. She works effortlessly with managers and technical staff in developing materials. She is able to take highly technical material and make it easy for anyone to understand,” said Kandace Greene, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Navjoy Business Manager.

Navjoy’s social media presence is the voice of the company in many ways, and Emily delivers our message through posts that are newsworthy—and sometimes even fun—for the transportation business. She also was instrumental in putting together our NAViews video channel that offers insight on the technology that drives the market.

navigator_traits_poster_hroizDo you like the dozens of blog posts on our site? Emily has had a hand in writing and/or editing each of the posts during her time at the company. And she is always quick to pick up new tasks like market research and lead generation processes.

All in all, Emily very clearly embodies every one of our "10 Traits of All NAVigators," and this recognition is well-deserved. We can't wait to see all that she continues to accomplish. We're proud to call her a NAVigator!

About the award

Our Notable NAVigator award was created to recognize our team members for their hard work and accomplishments, as well as to share their abilities and expertise with our audience.