By Navjoy

Marc Russell

This month, we would like to formally recognize Jayalakshmi Damodar for her responsibility in bringing the NueGOV transportation collaboration platform to life. Her commitment to creating the best product possible is commendable and it has helped drive our company forward immensely.

When Navjoy first challenged its IT and development team to create a transportation collaboration cloud to better represent product offerings, Jayalakshmi took charge in truly making this dream a reality. Throughout the process of creating and updating NueGOV, she remains steadfast in her dedication to the product. She has shown exemplary leadership in her willingness to collaborate across teams and always took ownership over the project as a whole.

“Jayalakshmi's thoughtfulness, coupled with grit and tenacity, put business innovation first and challenged all of us," said Vinod Chandran, CTO, Product Architect.

10 Traits of all NAVigators

All in all, Jayalakshmi very clearly embodies every one of our "10 Traits of All NAVigators," and this recognition is well-deserved. With her commitment, leadership, and self-imposed high standards, we can't wait to see what she continues to produce for our clients. We're proud to call her a NAVigator!

About the award

Our Notable NAVigator award was created to recognize our team members for their hard work and accomplishments, as well as to share their abilities and expertise with our audience.