By Navjoy

Stewart LaPan

This month, we would like to formally recognize Stewart LaPan for his leadership and support on several projects in the past month, including site inspections and our striping project. Stewart was awarded this Notable NAVigator honor for his strong problem solving and team building abilities.

Stewart is always eager to jump at an opportunity to help and learn something new, and it showed as he aided our Network Division with site inspections, while continuing to keep our clients happy with his regular job duties. He also took a leadership role on our striping project, overseeing all data visualization efforts by our staff and engaging with the client.

Stewart’s ability to oversee complex data visualization projects and his outstanding responsibility and leadership capabilities make him a crucial member of our traffic operations team.

10 Traits of all NAVigators

All in all, Stewart very clearly embodies every one of our "10 Traits of All NAVigators," and this recognition is well-deserved. With his leadership and dedication to our clients, we can't wait to see what he continues to produce. We're proud to call him a NAVigator!

About the award

Our Notable NAVigator award was created to recognize our team members for their hard work and accomplishments, as well as to share their abilities and expertise with our audience.