By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

Transportation agencies face a lot of day-to-day problems that have become accepted as the standard, even when the standard could be much better. Even the most age-old of problems have solutions with technology. Here are five of the most prominent agency difficulties and how we work to solve them.

Binary code superimposed on silosData silos
Agencies are frequently using legacy systems and/or spreadsheets for data storage. This separates data into silos and limits our ability to look at data holistically, draw conclusions, and improve processes. Our NueGOV platform is designed for secure data storage, sharing, and analysis. Agencies simply enter their data, then use interactive dashboards and views to see trends.

Pothole on roadwayDeteriorating infrastructure
Collectively, infrastructure nationwide is lacking. The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card gave our nation a D+ across 16 infrastructure categories. Yet, the cost to fix it all is unattainable. Instead of addressing that all at once, our software’s asset management capabilities promote easier day-to-day condition assessments and overall lifecycle management and planning to save money long-term and maximize budget.

Field technician using NueGOV software on a tabletEver-evolving technology
Technology is changing each day and the transportation industry (and most agencies) are several steps behind the eight ball. Initially agencies avoided making the transition, and now the concept of “playing catch-up” is daunting. This is one of the reasons we focused our company on transportation technology: to provide agencies the resources and expertise to make technology a significantly more user-friendly opportunity.

Budget printouts and calculatorBudget constraints
It’s well-known that agencies have strictly allocated funds, that vary little from year to year. Yet, the need for improvements constantly grows. Couple that with rising material costs and growing needs, agencies have minimal buying and negotiation power. We understand this, and also know that large surprise costs are the real budget killers. This is why lifecycle management is so important when it comes to asset management and year-to-year budgeting.

Team collaborating at white boardCollaboration
Currently, there is not a lot of collaboration between agencies, or even within agencies. Part of this is due to data silos and legacy systems, but it’s also partly due to a missing method of communication. Our software is designed to streamline that connection by allowing users both internally and externally access to data they do need and restricting access where necessary. This secure data sharing structure is beneficial to all agencies, and we begin working together more for a better future for transportation as a whole.

In essence, there’s an exciting future out there for transportation. We just want to help you take the steps toward success. It’s time to eliminate as many of these unnecessary concerns as possible. To start solving these problems in your agency, send us an email at

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