By John Cargile, Marketing and Communications Division Manager

As the pandemic hit in 2020, businesses across the world learned what law enforcement agencies had known for years: it’s hard to keep track of electronics and equipment when much of your staff is out of the traditional office setting.

In the past of two years, the department office staff moved to a remote working model – and many are staying in some remote capacity. This created a large issue of tracking all the laptops, cell phones, communication devices, and other office equipment right beside the uniforms, weapons, vehicles and other field equipment.

That’s a lot of items to keep track of – and many agencies have used multiple systems to monitor the whereabouts of each item. Usually, spreadsheets have been the baseline tool, but reporting and lifecycle management are hard to do via these old methods.

Now reporting tools, like NueGOV Public Safety, can help public safety agencies bring all the different types of equipment into one system of record to report all the details needed to manage where assets are, when they need to be upgraded or replaced, and the licenses and certifications in place to keep official standards in place.

State and local public safety agencies have long needed to manage field staff equipment like uniforms, weapons, communications devices, and other tools of the job. Making sure each of are meeting requirements in this day of accountability is key to decrease liability and increase efficiency.

Reporting tools allow spreadsheets to be imported or data entry to be made offering department audits and budget management in an official record-keeping capacity. This assures that department spending is planned and handled in the best way possible.

As office staff moved to a work-from-home, their equipment, like laptops, cell phones and monitors, moved with them, leaving a scramble to know where all the equipment was. Now many staff members still work at home all or partial schedules, but they still need computer upgrades and replacements.

IT staff can used asset management software to know where all the electronics are located, when they need to be updated or replaced, or if they need to be turned in when people leave the organization. Asset reporting tools deliver the accountability that allow remote/hybrid office situations to be trusted and productive.

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