By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

Don’t pay for data collection just to let the information sit secluded in the back of a file cabinet or buried in some spreadsheet. Data is meant to be utilized to increase efficiencies and minimize costs, but that can’t be done effectively without technology.

“If you are collecting data just to be stored and never used for any analysis it does no good,” Zach Roszel, Lead Field Technician, said. “Making data more widely available will ensure it is distributed and efficiently used.”

assetgov_computer_screen_2 copyRoszel, as well as our entire data collection team, utilizes our cloud-based software, AssetGOV, to capture asset data for transportation agencies four times faster than with traditional methods. This leads to significant cost savings that can be found through per sign and overall project budgets.  

Because the platform is cloud-based, the data is much more accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed (phone, computer, tablet, etc.). Furthermore, in an online platform, the data can also be easily analyzed and visualized.

Despite the advantages, we understand the move to technology can seem daunting. However, as Roszel points out, you’re not only doing more work with traditional methods, but you’re also getting less reward.

“You are limiting almost every aspect of the data collection process,” Roszel said. “This is going to include data quality, data storage, and collection efficiency. These are some of the most important parts of data collection. Users want high quality data, and agencies want to prevent unnecessary cost when it is collected. On-paper collection is going to negatively impact those areas, with things like data loss and increased time to collect data.”

Properly analyzed and stored data can be used for budget planning, asset lifecycle planning, and discovering trends. All this information could put your agency miles ahead as you maximize your time and budget.