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You need funding, and you deserve funding, but grant applications are complex. Our experts know how to help put together a winning grant application, which is why we offer to take care of the following:

  • Grant application completion (start to finish)
  • Project benefit assessment
  • Project outlining and planning
  • Technical project management and implementation
Manager leading team in brainstorming session

Contractors look over forms in the field


  • Grant identification
  • Application completion
  • Environmental impact measurements
  • Letters of intent
  • Cost estimation
  • Risk assessment
  • ITS architecture 
  • Map of project locations
  • Project schedule and timeline
  • Project implementation
  • Before and after reports
  • Technical project management
BlueTOAD Bluetooth sensor


  • CCTV/cameras
  • Fiber networks
  • Intersection detection
  • ITS technology
  • Sensors
  • Active Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM)
  • Network switches
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Interactive traveler information
  • Rural broadband networks 
Traffic in Larimer Square, Denver, Colorado.


  • City and County of Denver
  • Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Region 1
  • CDOT Region 4
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) agencies
Team working together around a computer

Navjoy helps 3 clients earn more than $4.4 million in grant funding

Grants are a valuable resource for transportation funds, but applications can be challenging. Our experts are available for grant writing assistance.

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