Your one system of record
to manage your assets

Ideal for electronics, weapons, fleet and other equipment used by officers and staff within statewide public safety departments and local law enforcement agencies.

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Track and justify budget needs better

Improve equipment tracking, reduce risk

Retain organizational knowledge


NueGOV Public Safety was developed for and is being used by the Colorado Department of Public Safety.


Built for Public Safety and Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Easily import existing spreadsheets
  • Track personnel information like certifications and trainings
  • Track important details like warranties for equipment, weapons and fleet
  • Track critical details like maintenance information for facilities
  • Receive time-sensitive email notifications
  • Manage and monitor all the information through real-time dashboards
  • Cloud-based solution, accessible anywhere on any device
An officer speaking into a radio while sitting in a cruiser.

NueGOV is, by far, the most cost-effective software solution, and can have you up and running in as little as few weeks.


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Used by state and local public safety agencies